Our different business areas


Based in Toulon near the biggest European naval base, EPCOTS is a leading company in matter of Navy hardware. Its mastery of the specific constraints, standards and environments of the sector makes EPCOTS the good partner for all kind of Navy applications.


Thanks to its expertise of the harsh environments, EPCOTS is a key partner for all kind of Army applications. This know-how is the reason why EPCOTS has been selected for the major French Army programs, SCORPION and FELIN.


When security systems are submitted to harsh environ-ments the EPCOTS’ expertise is the right answer. Thanks to its know-how, EPCOTS is able to design rugged and reliable security equipment and systems making it a regular partner of the French Ministry of Interior.

Special forces

Special Forces need specific solutions to achieve their goals. The EPCOTS’ ability to provide adapted hardware and systems is a really added-value for the customers and operators. This approach makes EPCOTS a key partner or provider for all kind of Special Forces applications.