Nav Command Table

Rugged Touch Table 

Equipped with a RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ navigation software this equipment is a modern and intuitive solution to improve navigation accuracy and safety onboard ships and submarines.
The level of ruggedness of the system make it compliant with all kind of harsh environments encountered on naval applications. The 46’’ rugged touch display provides a better understanding of the situation and facilitates collaborative work and decision-making. After a successful design and qualification (IEC-60945) phase, this solution is now available for mass production and RAYTHEON ANSCHÜTZ has started its commercialization.

Modular design easing maintenance and upgrade operations
46 inches Rugged Touch Display compliant with ECDIS requirements
Tiltable display allows more ergonomic operation and adjustment to special situations
Raytheon Anschütz datasheet
IEC-60945 certified