NDDS cabinet

Navigation Data Distribution System

Cabinets currently operational on various vessels

As part of an export program, EPCOTS has realized the mechanical and electrical wiring design and production of the NDDS cabinet for Safran. This equipment is part of the navigation system of the vessel. It is linked to different kind of navigation sensors, converts the signals and provides the position of the vessel.
These functions are really critical which requires use of adapted products. In this context, the EPCOTS’ ability to design reliable and rugged equipment was a really convincing fact for SAFRAN. After a design (including mechanical and some electronic parts) and qualification phase, EPCOTS has provided its customer with series units reaching the SAFRAN’s expectations and which are now sea proven.

19’’ wall mounted cabinet
Equipped with shock absorbers to withstand high levels of shocks
• Internal wiring and integration performed by EPCOTS