Rugged Enclosures & Cabinets

Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, our range of rugged enclosures & cabinets also meets the usual defense requirements.

Versatile enough to address all types of applications (navigation computer, military GPS, network cabinet, processing cabinet…),
this range of rugged enclosures & cabinets is easily adjusted in term of size and internal configuration
to meet specific users size constraints.

EPCOTS can also provide a turn-key tested solution by adding wiring and integration by our IPC A 620 Class III certified team of professionals, in accordance with customer functional specification or wiring layout.

Can be designed with different configurations
according to your needs :

• Desired HMI
• Configurable computer and I/O
• Customisable mounting interface
• And many other options available

Some of our achievements


NDDS enclosure design as part of the navigation system of the vessel


DDU cabinet as part of the navigation system of a SSK submarine


Optronic Processing Cabinet as part of the modernization of the French BPC (Mistral Class)