About us

An Innovative Company

Created in 2003, EPCOTS is today a leading company of the rugged solutions market.

EPCOTS was originally a manufacturer of rugged enclosure for the military market, but since its creation, the company has a continual evolution. With the integration into the Montblanc Technologies Group in 2005, EPCOTS has progressively increased its services and know-how to provide complete rugged hardware solutions. This evolution has given to EPCOTS a major partner position with all the biggest defense industries in Europe. Its recognized expertise has enabled EPCOTS to be involved in lots of military programs during the 2 last decades (FREMM, SCORPION, F100 SPAIN, KILO INDIA, BARRACUDA, FTI…).

EPCOTS’ pragmatic approach

This success is due to the EPCOTS’ particular approach which is to maintain a double operating mode, both project and product oriented. Thanks to this specific expertise, EPCOTS is able to adapt an existing product or create another from scratch depending on what the customer requires.


Thanks to a wide range of customizable products,
which allow EPCOTS to provide adapted solutions
at a very affordable price while reducing
development risks and schedule.


With a staffed and skilled in-house design office
which has also the ability to develop specific products.

In addition, the fact that the company keeps its competence in-house with wiring and assembling teams gives it a real responsiveness.

Since 2017 and the acquisition of software and CBRN capabilities, EPCOTS is a new actor for mission management systems. The company is now involved in several projects such as crisis management systems for the French firefighters or navigation systems for paratroopers.

In house design office skills


Industrial Design




Plastics Processing

Heat Science

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Additive Manufacturing