Rugged Touch Tables


EPCOTS Touch Tables for marine and navy applications are developed to facilitate the collaborative work and provide a greater understanding of any onboard information such as specific tactical situation or navigation data.


Those touch tables are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and address the various environmental requirements listed in common international standards such as MIL STD 810, MIL STD 167, MIL STD 461…
Combined to each application soft ware, the EPCOTS Touch Tables is the solution required to speed up decision-making.

C-CAP 32Naval Marine / Commercial Marine C-CAP32Download C-CAP 32 Datasheet
C-CAP 40
Naval Marine / Commercial Marine C-CAP 40Download C-CAP 40 Datasheet
C-CAP 46
Naval Marine / Commercial Marine C-CAP46Download C-CAP 46 Datasheet
C-CAP 55
Naval Marine / Commercial Marine C-CAP 55Download C-CAP 55 Datasheet
C-CAP W55Naval Marine C-CAP W55Download C-CAP W 55 Datasheet
C-CAP Wi 55
Naval MarineC-CAP Wi 55DownloadC-CAP Wi 55 Datasheet
C-CAP LC-55 Naval Marine / Commercial Marine Download C-CAP-LC-55 Datasheet