Rugged Consoles & Tactical Tables

Can be designed with different configurations according to your needs:

  • Configurable computer and I/O
  • Any peripherals can be added (joystick, trackball…)
  • Customisable mounting interface
  • And many other options available…

Our rugged consoles & tactical tables are built using the range of EPCOTS customizable monitors and computers which are recognized for their superior performance and low operating costs.

Those products are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and address the various environmental requirements listed in common international standards such as MIL STD 810, STANAG 4370, MIL STD 461…

  • EPCOTS tactical tables are usually designed for navy and army applications. They are developed to facilitate the collaborative work and provide a greater understanding of any onboard information such as specific tactical situation or navigation data.
  • EPCOTS rugged consoles are designed to be used in different conditions with different requirements: shelters, armored vehicles, surface vessels, submarines or in the field with a deployable configuration… They are obviously modular and adaptable to meet military environmental constraints (shocks, vibration, EMI, thermal stress…).

Combined to the customer’s software, the EPCOTS rugged consoles & tactical tables are the required solutions to speed up decision-making.