Our wide ranges of customizable products, which allow EPCOTS to provide adapted solutions at a very affordable price while reducing development risks and schedule:

Rugged Consoles & Tactical Tables

Our Rugged consoles & tactical tables are built using the range of EPCOTS customizable monitors and computers which are recognized for their superior performance and low operating costs.

Rugged Monitors & Panel PCs

EPCOTS proposes a wide range of rugged monitors & Panel PCs that meets environmental constraints specific to military applications (shock, vibration, EMI, thermal stress…). 

Rugged Enclosures

Versatile enough to address all types of applications (navigation computer, military GPS, network cabinet, processing cabinet…), this range of rugged enclosures is easily adjusted in term of size and internal configuration to meet specific users size constraints. 

Mission Management Systems

Thanks to the reputed know-how of its design office, EPCOTS is able to design specific mobile mission management systems. Combining its background expertise for rugged hardware with a capability to create advanced software, EPCOTS meets the customer’s need for complete and complex systems.