Customizable solutions appropriate for every specific environment

With historical expertise in engineering oriented towards protection, EPCOTS develops innovative and cost competitive solutions and applications. All solutions are designed to meet demanding environmental standards required by the defense and security sector.
EPCOTS offers a range of customizable rugged products designed to adapt to various constraints with various sizes and configurations. Those products include : consoles, displays, panel PCs, racks and cabinets. All modular, they are designed to be easily configured and to display all types of data (mapping, video, radar situation …).


Providing custom solutions

EPCOTS strives to propose the right solutions to address specific market needs. Most defense programs are « build to spec », and require the design and manufacturing of « custom » solutions. EPCOTS’ engineering offi ce is staffed and skilled to provide this service and meet specific customer needs.
The EPCOTS team has a strong experience with project management, as required by the main defense contractors, and speaks the same language as its customers. EPCOTS has in-house testing capabilities (vibration shaker, temperature and humidity chambers …) to validate solutions and perform ESS tests prior to delivery. EPCOTS is also putti ng a strong emphasis in the management of obsolescence and long time support.

Our Skills


EPCOTS develops internally specific electronic subassemblies such as video boards, control boards, power supply and voltage conversion solutions…
Those sub-assemblies are used for EPCOTS own products or to address specific customer needs. These components address the general market rules regarding size, low thermal dissipation, weight, power and EMI.


EPCOTS provides turn-key solutions, adding cabling, integration and test to the packaging. This capability allows EPCOTS to provide to
the customer a completely tested equipment, ready to be integrated with the application soft ware, such as navigation or networking solutions.


EPCOTS designs all systems in house and provides the customer with 3D models, installation and interface drawings, photo renderings, concepts, mechanical analysis, during all phases of the project. EPCOTS makes available to its customers all relevant data to build documentation manuals and to support design reviews with the end user.